Services for employers and employees

Employees and employers

I advise and represent both employers and employees in matters of private employment law and public personnel law (municipalities, independent and dependent public-law institutions, etc.).

Employment contract

Both employers and employees can count on my services when drafting contracts, general terms and conditions of employment, etc. or reviewing employment contracts.

The employment contract and any general terms and conditions of employment and regulations are in most cases drafted by the employer. Tried and tested templates can be reviewed and adapted from time to time. If on-call work is to be introduced, consultation is recommended.

Contractual adjustments can be made during contract negotiations with an employee. This may be the case if the employee does not agree to a non-competition clause but the employer insists on it.

In employment relationships under public law, employment is effected by an employment order or by a contract under public law. The correct classification in the correct wage class and experience level and special agreements can be checked.

Reference letter

Reference letters are formulated by the employer. The employer and the employee often agree on the wording. I am available to both employers and employees for the formulation and review of employer’s references, interim references and confirmations of employment as well as for employee performance appraisals.

Termination of employment

Employment relationships can be terminated by notice of termination or by mutual agreement. Termination by the employer can lead to disputes with the employee. In such disputes I advise and represent both employers and employees.

The amicable termination of employment relationships has various pitfalls for both employers and employees. I support employers and employees in negotiating and formulating a fair solution that avoids future conflicts.


Disputes between employers and employees can have many causes (reference letter, unfair dismissal, wage claims, damages, etc.). I am available to both employers and employees to advise and represent them. If possible, an escalation should be avoided and an amicable settlement sought.

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