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Debt collection – Enforcement

Claims of creditors domiciled / resident outside Switzerland against debtors domiciled / resident in Switzerland

  • Basis of claim: judgment / decision, contract, acknowledgement of debt
  • Recovery of the claim
    • If necessary, conclusion of an installment agreement
    • Monitoring of installment payment
    • Forwarding of payments to the creditor
  • In the event of refusal to pay, initiation of enforcement proceedings


Recognition and enforcement of judgments and decisions

In the case of a judgment or a decision for the payment of money, the recognition (if necessary) within the scope of the Lugano Convention is carried out incidentally within the scope of the enforcement proceedings.

Judgments for the payment of money outside the scope of the Lugano Convention must first be recognized and declared enforceable in a separate procedure if no other state treaty provides for recognition.

Contract in Switzerland

Companies based outside Switzerland that wish to execute an order or contract in Switzerland

  • Posting of employees for the execution of the order in Switzerland
    • Compliance with working and wage conditions in Switzerland (minimum wage, expenses, etc.) and their contractual regulation
    • Permits for employees
    • If necessary accommodation employee
    • If necessary, controls of the place of operation by control bodies
  • Customs formalities for bringing in vehicles, tools and working materials


Settlement – Establishment in Switzerland

Entrepreneurs and companies domiciled outside Switzerland who wish to develop activities in Switzerland can establish a (subsidiary) company in Switzerland.

  • Foundation of the subsidiary
  • Regulation of the relationship between parent company and subsidiary
  • Contract with Board of Directors (contractual relationship or employment contract)
  • Employment contracts for employees
  • Secondment of employees of the parent company to the subsidiary company
    • If necessary permits for foreign employees
    • Compliance with working conditions in Switzerland (minimum wage, etc.)
  • Lease agreement for business premises
  • Registration with social insurances
  • Registration with value added tax

Contracts | Corporates

Taking up residence in Switzerland

Entrepreneurs outside Switzerland who want to establish a company in Switzerland and also want to move to Switzerland themselves and other persons abroad who want to take up residence in Switzerland:

  • Residence in Switzerland is made easier for persons from EU/EFTA countries
  • Residence of persons from other countries of origin is subject to stricter conditions
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