Lawyer for rental law

My services as a tenancy law attorney include legal advice and legal information on tenancy law for tenants and landlords, representation before the tenancy arbitration board and before tenancy court as well as extrajudicial support and dispute resolution.

With my Law Firm in Winterthur I am at your disposal as a tenancy law attorney. If you need legal advice in tenancy law, you can count on my experience:

  • Negotiation and formulation of tenancy agreements (residential and commercial premises)
  • Rights and duties of the parties
  • Termination of the tenancy (notice of termination, termination agreement, etc.)
  • Contestation of termination and extension (abusive termination etc.)
  • Defects of the rented property (remedy of defects, reduction of rent, etc.)
  • Unilateral amendment of the lease (rent increase, contesting)
  • Subletting and transfer of the tenancy
  • Eviction of tenants
  • etc.

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