Contest of termination

I advise and represent tenants and landlords on contesting the termination.

Terminations are generally effective as of the next termination date unless they are null and void or contested. Void notices of termination do not need to be contested as they have no effect. In case of doubt, it is advisable to contest the termination.

By contesting the termination, the tenant demands a review of the termination and whether the motive for termination is inadmissible. If the motive for termination is inadmissable, the termination is contestable and the request for contestation is approved. If the contestation (possibly due to abusive termination) is successful, the tenancy continues. The tenant then enjoys protection against termination for three years.

The tenant must abide the 30-day contestation period. If it is not complied with, the termination cannot be contested and even a termination that could be contested in itself is effective.

The termination contestation is usually combined with a request for extension in the event that the termination is valid.

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