Fees and invoicing


The fees are calculated according to time expenditure. The rates are determined by the value at stake, the complexity of the case and / or the responsibility associated. Expenses and disbursements are to be refunded. At first contact (phone call, meeting) you will be informed of the applicable fee.


In accordance with the National Rules of Professional Conduct of the Swiss Bar Association and the practice of the courts, lawyers are required to obtain advance payments and advances on account. Advance payments and advances on account are settled in an interim or the final invoice.


The fees are usually invoiced monthly. The fee invoice contains an itemised list of the services rendered. Complaints must be made in writing within 30 days of receipt. The payment deadline for advances and fee invoices is ten days.


In the event that you have a legal expense insurance it may bear the fees and any court fees. Contact your insurance to determine whether if the matter and free attorney selection is covered and request a cost approval. Please note that legal expense insurances generally only bear the costs if the dispute occurred after the waiting period since commencement of the policy has expired.

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